Proposal of a new method to measure gingival recession

Objectives: In this paper we wish to propose an innovative method for measuring gingival recessions. Such method is less dependent on the operator’s skills and allows to more accurately measure gingival recessions and, therefore, objectively assess improvement or worsening of recessions before and after treatment.
Material and methods: The proposed method is based on tools currently available in most dental practices: a digital Reflex, an intraoral scanner and two software for vision and image processing. By means of the scanner, we can obtain digital casts; then, with the dedicated Clincheck® Pro software, it is possible to measure dental elements in mm. The processing of digital photos by using the Preview® software for macOS allows to achieve measurements in pixels of the same dental elements. Successively, a simple conversion by using mathematical proportions allows to achieve the pixel/mm ratio and thus measure gingival recessions in mm on the photo.
Conclusions: The proposed method allows for greater accuracy of measurements, which are eventually repeatable over time on behalf of different operators, enabling comfort for both patient and operator.
Clinical significance: This paper presents a new and simple indirect method to measure gingival recessions on digital photos, less influenced by operator performance and particularly reliable for medium and long-term follow-up, which could in turn lead to more accurate and objective future scientific data collection.

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